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tv   Eyewitness News at 4  CBS  November 22, 2010 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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hi, i'm kai jackson. >> and i'm mary bubala. found dead at a friend's house. the city is searching for a killer of a correction's officer as the investigation continues -- and to the unusual circumstances surrounding her death, derek valcourt has the latest. >> reporter: police will only say that the officer knew her killer personally and they won't say how, they thought he was cornered, but he's still on the loose. >> reporter: a tense few hours as the police surround the apartment of the 28-year-old sharon jones after she was shot to death at her friend's house. the detectives went to her
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apartment complex looking for clues. >> the homicide detectives found blood on the door and they had reason to believe she was inside. at that point, they contacted the s.w.a.t. units. >> reporter: the police called the hostage negotiators and when they entered the apartment hours later, it was empty. she lived with her boyfriend and daughter. >> it was heart breaking to hear of someone like that and this close to home. >> it's terrible. >> she's a very proud person and i can't understand it. >> it's sad her daughter has to grow up with no parent. >> reporter: the police haven't yet spoken with the victim's boyfriend. derek valcourt, wjz-13 eyewitness news. and anyone with information, please call the baltimore city police.
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a shocking attack and a victim is 85 years old. the police are looking for this man. this man was attacked. -- the victim once seriously injured, but the money was stolen. her disappearance was a national sensation. now, after four days of deliberations, this man is guilty of killing her. and wjz is live and mike hellgren has more. >> reporter: kai jackson, it was such a sensation because she was having an affair with gary condit. and this man showed little emotion when he heard the verdict against him. >> reporter: more than nine years after levi's murder, the prosecutors secured a
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convention -- conviction, this 29-year-old was found guilty of first degree murder. >> i'm not sure if it's a sense of peace, but it ain't closier. >> reporter: her body was found in 2001 in washington, d.c., she was an intern and having an affair from gary condit. he was the initial focus on the investigation and the police drew criticism. >> reporter: this man was already serving jail time for a attacks on two other women. >> reporter: the key testimony came from his cell mate. jurors said there was no smoking gun. >> and at the end of the day, the decision was based on all of the evidence, not one piece more than the other. >> reporter: the murder weapon wasn't recovered. >> we cannot bring back her
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daughter. and no one here can. we did the best we could with the evidence given to come to the conclusion of the case. >> reporter: after the verdict, her mom said she'll always live with a broken heart. >> i have a feeling that my daughter's with me and i can speak her voice. there's always going to be a feeling of sadness. >> reporter: now, the con convicted faces a life in prison and sentencing is scheduled for february. mike, thank you. and new at 5:00, the prosecutors speak about the difficulties of the trial. we'll have more from her mother on the verdict. the latest of the disappearance of natalee holloway now. dna test results are expected tomorrow on a jawbone that was found on a beach and may belong to natalee holloway.
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we'll have more coming up at 4:30. and a controversial church group that protests at the funerals of fallen soldiers finds a tough reception in oklahoma. vic carter has more. >> reporter: the grouch made head lines when they protested at the -- funeral of the marine. after protesting in eastern oklahoma over the weekend, they found the tires on their van slashed. businesses turned them away and they had to call for a tow truck to take them to wal-mart. >> his father sued the church and the case is before the u.s. supreme court. predator on the loose -- the howard county police are searching for a man who
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assaulted a female jogger. the woman -- when the man grabbed her, the victim got away and called the police. and just in time for the holiday travel season, the price are spiking once again. we're following the reasons with a search from alex demetrick this is typically a time of the year when the prices are up. prices are up because of the declining value of the dollar. here's a look at the numbers here in maryland, we're paying the national average of $2.87 a gallon and up from last month. look at the difference from last year, when it was $2.60 a gallon. and it's expected to rise over 12% from last year. the economists expect people to spend less this year.
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and the high prices could slow down the economic recovery. and a sunny and mild monday with thanksgiving around the corner. how's the holiday week shaping up? we have weather and traffic together. bernadette woods is here with the updated numbers from the weather. it's gorgeous out there. if you haven't gotten outside, get outside before the sunsets. it's a beautiful afternoon. and there's nothing going on in our area. what i'm going to do is open this up and show you to the north, there's a lot of rain and that's part of a warm front. we had the clouds earlier today and we're on the warm warm and the temperatures are in the 60s. however, to the west, here's the cold front part of the storm, it's coming our way and we'll have more coming up. >> and we'll a check on the roads with sharon gibala. well, we can live with the road, just a few accidents and nothing major.
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first, the accidents and one in parksville at lavender avenue and one in timonium at york and three in the city, the worst on greenspring and that's blocking the left lane and one at north howard and one more in edgewater and sol man's island road. and more between 895 and the beltway. and 895 also sluggish approaching the 95 merger and there's a look at the beltway times and speeds. inner lupe, between 83 and 95. there's a look at 83 and live at the northway and no problems there and everything's running smoothly and 95 and south of 895 and that's looking good at that shotality greenspring. and this is brought to you by bills, bills hard wood, carpet and laminate. back to you now. >>
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>> sharon, thank you. the ravens are back home and gearing up for a battle with another nfc team after pulling away late against the panthers on the road. mark viviano is live with reaction and our fan came. well, you may have missustain the reaction from a place of a defeat. they won, but won by 24 points wasn't convincing enough to some. >> reporter: second down and 16, flacco goes for houshmandzadeh. >> reporter: the ravens jumped out to a good start. the connection with flacco and houshmandzadeh made it 7-0. they never trailed, but they had issues. twice, they fumbled the ball away and the defense was burned
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from st. pierre throwing to get december -- geddes and the ravens had nervous moments. this puts the cap off of the victory and a win to put the ravens in first place. >> i don't think we played well and we'll have to look at that. it was good to come down and get a win. northern now, we have to come down. >> and we wanted to build on this and the season and play better and close out the gains, you know, but we have to do it as a team, you know, from start to finish. >> reporter: we take the fan cam question to you. do you feel that the ravens will make a successful run n. play offs. >> i think they'll add on to the momentum and that will carry them. >> we know we're strong enough to make it to the play offs, all the way. >> i'm routeing for the ravens
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and keeping going, ray lewis. >> reporter: and the buccaneers are coming to town this sunday and like the raven, they have a report of 7-3 and coming up next, harbaugh addresses a sideline confrontation between mason and flacco. we'll tell you what the coach had to say, next. and if you're going to the game on sunday, a reminder, it's been moved from 1:00 to 4:15. and record turn out for the mammouth manic monday meltdown. ♪ just another manic monday note >> i wish it was sunday. that's my fun day, my i don't have to run day -- just another manic monday ♪ >> oh, yeah! >> wow! hundreds gathered in fells
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point to take part in fact event. after a week of voting, harbor hospital took home the coveted valentino award thanks to the 38,000 who voted. >> 38,000 people! >> yeah, that's incredible. >> yeah, i was down -- i love the pancakes down there. >> and a strong cup of coffee. and kudos to ron matz. such a great job! >> and still ahead on wjz-13's eyewitness news at 4:00. cough and cold med since pulled from chefs. shelves, what should you use instead. and private eyes -- meet the women who act like sherlock holmes and look like soccer moms. and bernadette woods will have the forecast. ,,,,,,,,,,,
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a fight breaks out in a boston pizza parlor. a man walked in and started an argument with a group of men and fists flew and one man pulled out and gun and opened fire. four were hit and no one was killed police are searching for the shooter. police in utah are looking for the man who shot and wounded a park ranger. it happened on friday. more than 160 officers are searching the area near the dead horse state park. and a shaky start to the week on wall street. [bells tolling] >> the dow was down most of the day, down 25, in fact and the
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s&p down and the nasdaq up 14. >> we'll go to new york for the cbs money watch update. >> reporter: the fbi raised -- raided the officer of two hedge fund companies and the agents executed court ordered search warrants of diamond back capitol and another. it follows a report that the authorities are investigating insider rings. >> >> and utility companies are updating transformers and equipment for the first sales of electric cars. next month, the cars will draw as much power as a small house and there's concern that the power grids won't be able to keep up with increased demand. 30,000 will hit the roads over the next year. >> and welcome is determined notton to be undersold for the
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holiday shopping season, they'll match prices beginning on thanksgiving and running into the weekend. this doesn't apply to online purchases. you may have to budget more for thanksgiving dinner. the price of turkey is $1.00 a pound and that's up 75 cents from last year. and that's your money watch, for more head lines, stay with cbs money still ahead at 4:00, running out of hope. dozens of miners are trapped in new zealand. and getting ready for this winter. the state highway administration hopes there's not a repeat of last year, if so, they're ready. i'm andrea fujii and this is just ahead on welcome eyewitness news. and i'm happy to say there's no snow on the horizon for the thanksgiving weekend. well, bernadette will have the
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updated forecast coming up. and wjz is always on. for instant updates and first warning weather all the time, go to ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] now finding an all out awesome discovery has never tasted so good.
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well, the air has a wonderful smell. glenn i feel like i can smell the seasons, too. it's beautiful outside right now. and we have a lot of mild air to go along with the good feeling weather. and belief it or not, once again, we topped out into the 60s for the high. 65degrees and as we continue to run mild, take a look at the averages. hay degrees is -- 54 degrees is the average and we're away above the averages. at nave baltimore, you can see the 60s in the mountains and colder in the water. and the winds are starting to pick up from the south, that's because a warm front went through. we started out with clouds and
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fog and then, all of that mixed out into the afternoon because of the winds picking up out of south and because of that pushing off to the north. here's the warm front and it's bringing rain to the north. were we're on the south of that now and the other thing you noticed to the west, this is a lot of blue and that shows snowfalling over a lot of country, the cold air is there and we're on the warmer side. we'll stay on the warm air today and throughout the night. and here comes the cold front, it's introducing some of the cooler air, it will moderate and the temperatures will take a hit. and another storm is coming on the way, thursday and friday. this is going to cut across thursday night and friday, to the north. behind that, cooler air for the weekend. and out on the waters, we have a lot a going on.
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the and the winds are pick up and the cold front comes through. patchy fog and a mild night. and tomorrow, what happens during the day, cloudy skies and we're going to look at a chance for showers into the afternoon hours an that cold front swings through. before it happens, up to 65 degrees. when the cold front comes through, it will take the showers with it and clear out for wednesday and bring in cooler air, closer to average air and we'll have the other storm thursday into friday. >> that sounds great, thank you. and we know on friday, wjz- 13's own jessica kartalija became a mom and today, we stopped by to congratulate her and see the baby. >> reporter: meet baby drew, all 7 pounds, 1 ounce of him and here's jessica, she's glowing and loving her new role. >> i think it's incredible. everyone says you can't imagine the feeling and how wonderful
4:25 pm
it is, and there isn't anything like it. i can't stop looking at him and just stairing at him all of the time. he's my little buddy, my guy. he's just so much fun and he has a great little demeanor and he hasn't cried much. he's just been hanging out and grandma's here and he's seen his grandparents and great grandparents. >> reporter: he was born friday morning and at that point, they hadn't settled on his name. >> he's michael andrew after my dad -- >> and my husband's calling him andy and -- i'm calling him drew. >> and she gets the naming rights because he looks like his mom. they have that draw --
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strawberry blond hair. >> hey, it's okay. this is so much better. >> and a huge congratulations to jessica and brian. and you know what they said, they watched the raven's game. we also know where he's going to college. because of bernadette, he's a penn state fan. >> he had his gear on for saturday already. he's being trained well. her mom and dad went to pen state and i think that brian will support that. he may not support the name -- >> well, he'll support that. and that was a nice little gift. he was wearing it proud. >> congratulations, guys. and you'll have another story later on. >> more yes, sir coo coverage at 5:00 -- jessica coverage at 5:00 and 6:00.
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and coming up, a new "hawaii five-o." and rumbling to life, another volcano causing chaos in asia. and will a planned protest cause holiday delays. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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it's 4:30 and partly cloudy and 63 degrees. ish i'm denise koch. there >> and i'm vic carter. one of the toughest weeks to travel by air could be worse this year. new security procedures are out raging travelers and this could make lines longer. >> reporter: flying with three kids is never easy. she's doing it on one of the
4:31 pm
busiest days of the year. the beefed up security has it anxious. >> my kids don't like it. they don't understand. >> reporter: the complaints are getting louder and body scans likened to a digital strip search. >> they're invasive. and for those who don't want them, the option of a full pat down isn't signature well either. only a small percentage of travelers are patted down. >> and we must do all we can to protect the public. >> reporter: the latest poll shows that four out of five support the new gene screening and the opponents are using the internet to boycott an hall leer gnat. and-- alternate. the lines could get chaotic. >> we hope people won't opt out. >> and thanks to the flight
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delays from new york to los angeles, the officials are rethinking the procedures. we're listening and we hear the complaints. >> reporter: big changes aren't coming in the near future, they're advising travelers like this mom to allow for plenty of time and patience. now, tsa officials made a change over the weekend allowing pilots to bypass the security screenings. and they mayalreadyy be dead, that's the reality that the families of the missing miners have to face in new zealand. >> reporter: there's no contact of the 29 miners. investigators believe that a build up of gas is to blame. and tests on the areas and search teams are able to reach show that the air is too toxic
4:33 pm
to enter. rescuers bored a shaft to make contact with the men and a phone was wrung unanswered. the mines are relatively safe. 181 have been killed in the mines in over a hundred years. at any minute, we could learn in a jawbone is natalee holloways. for now, all her family can do is wait. >> reporter: the new evidence of a jawbone with a molar is in the hands of investigators for a week. according to some experts by comparing the bones, authorities should know if it's natalies. >> i believe that at this point in time, the results are in their hands. >> reporter: they may be waiting for dna to confirm what they know.
4:34 pm
>> i had the best time of my life. >> reporter: she disappeared in 2005 during a senior trip and her mother's waiting for answers saying, there's no good answer whether it is her or whether it isn't. no answer at all is most unbearable. she was last scene with van der sloot. he's currently awaiting trial in a prison for the murder of another 21-year-old last may. if the jawbone is hers, it could be enough evidence to tie van der sloot to holloway's death. the first element they would have to prove is she's dead. now, they'll have that evidence and they could combine it with his previous statements and his confessions arguably to having killed her and now, they have a case against it. >> reporter: and in the past,
4:35 pm
he's reportedly confessed to killing holloway. attorneys for the families of two students slain at virginia tech are arguing that a university leaders shouldn't be exempt from a lawsuit. mary has more. >> reporter: a judge ruled twice that a $10 million lawsuit should move forward. the attorney general's office requested a hearing to prove again that the president and the executive president are protected against the lawsuit because their positions are established and funded by the state. they acknowledged that 25 peculiar of the sally comes from the state --% of the salary comes from the state. an $11 million settlement was settled with 24 of the 32 family. burglary suspects caught in the act in anne arundel county.
4:36 pm
these men were taken into custody after flashlights were recognized and three men were seen leaving the house. the police located them at a traffic stop. and solubles disa is -- and soul plaza is up for sale. the owners say that the marketplace is not generating enough foot traffic and the asking price isn't determined. a new government report show that is pulling child and cough medicines from stores cut er visits in half and what can the parents do without those products. we'll show you the home rem dis. >> this 11 month old has a fever and a cold. >> she has a lot of congestion and cough, and a runny nose. -- poplar items were with drawn
4:37 pm
after the fda warned they could cause harm and even death. since then, the number of young children going to the hospital for bad reactions to the drugs is cut in half. doctors say it's important to keep your child hydrated. fluids like water and media lite and milk is okay. >> and there's not a link with dairy and increased mucus in the respiratory traffic. >> reporter: the doctors say to put an incline under the mattress, but never use pillows. >> and saline drops are another way to relieve congestion and a cool mist humidifier helps. >> and babies under 1 can't have honey, but use honey for those 1-5. >> and there's probably something in homemade chicken soup, we're not sure what it is, but the soup that mom makes
4:38 pm
can really help a common cold. >> no home remedies will make a cold go away faster. >> i wish i had it. and the best they can do is relieve symptoms. if your baby doesn't have a fever that responds to treatment, call the doctor within 24 hours. >> we'll have the weather traffic together and bob has the numbers. well, it's a misty start. it got pleasant after 11:00 or 12:00, the sun came out and temperatures shot up into the mid-60s. what a beautiful afternoon. en right now, there's nothing out here at all and way to the west, there's a front with a chance of a few showers tomorrow afternoon. it will be in the mild temperature around 63 degrees now and after that for
4:39 pm
wednesday, it's a big travel day, it should be fine, dry and a bit cooler on wednesday. we'll talk about the rest of the week including the thanksgiving day and the rest of the weekend. >> let's check on the roads now with sharon gibala. well, this afternoon's commute on the mild side. just a few minor issues. two accidents on the westside of the city and otherwise, delays on 95 and 895 and northbound lanes are slow. and then, on ate -- 95 from eastern avenue to the beltway. there's a look at the drive times and the speeds and that's in between 83 and 95 and 18 minutes and that's a slight improvement from earlier and there's the top, northwestside and we can see plenty of brake lights there and there's a live look outside at 70 and 29, typical delays in the westbound lanes.
4:40 pm
this is brought to you by maryland highway safety and the area police are arresting impaired drivers. go to the website for more. thank you, sharon. it was nearly a year ago, we got the first of three blizzards that paralyzed the area and this year, the state highway is ready for new techniques. andrea fujii has more. >> reporter: nearly 100 inches of snow fell in the metro area. >> that's the most i've seen. -- they're talking about using more salt and molasses. it was tested last year and it will be used statewide.
4:41 pm
when the plow drivers are out, it gives them added advantage. >> they had 2400 pieces of equipment and they won't expect to have more. >> this year, they had several more trucks parked and if there's too much for them to handle -- >> we have additional equipment and we have salt contracts already in place. we have more preparations. >> and preparing for the worst and hoping for less white. i'm and a . , wjz-13 eyewitness news. and okay. we don't want that to happen. >> and if you would like to check out the morning commute, go to and we'll direct you to the highway administration's website. >> i had forgotten. >> until i saw the pictures, it's a distant memory. straight ahead, he couldn't wait and the dramatic delivery of a baby boy on the side of
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the highway. >> and a nice week ahead. bob is up, coming up. [ rowe ] mike rowe here, no no up here, there you go. know what i like about my new lee premium select jeans?
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hundreds more in your wallet year after year. feed me! saving you money -- now, that's progressive. call or click today.
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a rough monday morning commute and all southbound lanes of i-5 were shutdown thanks to a tanker. it hilt it is prius and closed the lanes for it minutes. and nearly 1000 people living in the philippines are evacuated following an active eruption. some people used umbrellas and other shelters to protect themselves and it was active after it released a jet of ash column and followed by four
4:46 pm
consecutive tremors. and another coal mine crisis in china. -- [no audio] i'll pick it up from her. the miners were trapped for more than 24 hours and the first relief people -- the rescuers drained the flood waters and they were carried out wrapped in quilts and wearing eye shades. >> and all 39 men are in stable condition and no serious injuries and the cause of explosion is under investigation. >> and when you think of private eyes, you think of a gritty man with a trench coat. meet these women, they look like soccer moms, and they act like sherlock holmes.
4:47 pm
>> they suspect they're involved in something. if you have a feeling, you have to go the with the feeling. women are more in tune to the feeling. >> these sisters trust take gut -- trust their gut for a living. >> we're nosey. >> they own and operate brass private investigations. who expects me, on the back of a motorcycle, okay? videotaping them. >> reporter: for 20 years, she's worked to expose fraud. she got her start investigating cases for her late husband hospital a p.i.. >> he said, you need to get your p.i. license. >> she was a bank fraud investigator before joining the firm. >> together, they solve cases with the women's touch. >> and knowing there's something more there, there's a little bit more.
4:48 pm
>> and this supersleuth is the face of the firm. hit the streets and follow up on leads. this lady is the tech expert and hides cameras where you would least expect. he wanted to confirm his suspicious ant his wife. >> and it was hiring a woman to look after a woman and the hard cop male, doesn't think like a housewife. >> he said, i want you, because you think like a woman and i suspect something's going on. >> and you're always thinking of what you're out in. if your back is against the wall -- >> she credits her husband and mentor. >> he gave me the opportunity and he taught me what i knew. he would be proud of me. >> the p.i. moms say that everyone's helped
4:49 pm
out with their investigations. and a tulsa family makes a special delivery on the side of the road. casey apple was on the road to the hospital to have the baby and the baby didn't want to wait. and by the time that the medics arrived, he made his big debut. >> and i was like, well, i'll do what i did with our daughter. i'll wait until i can't take it no more and i waited a little bit too long. >> and blain and his mother are doing fine. >> and there's a new k-9 candidate and they're doing good. they're barking away at a precinct today. and one dog had a real nose for the job. meet momo, the contracted police chihuahua. she passed the test under 5
4:50 pm
minutes. all right! well, the thanksgiving holiday week is here and will the weather cooperate heading to grandma's house? we have the forecast coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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4:53 pm
and it was so warm this afternoon, i had the sunroof open for a wile. i felt the cool breeze, it was really nice. it was a magnificent monday. a warm glow moved -- a warm flow moved in and we'll look at the temperatures now. it's still mild for this time of the year. and we haven't had too many of these days left. 62degrees now and the winds shifted to the north. dew points at 62 degrees and the humidity at 64%. and 65 this afternoon. and 65, 54 is the average high, this morning, 47 and fog and drizzle around here and 33 now is the average low on this date
4:54 pm
and the record, 76 in 1940 and a 15 degrees back in 1880, a long time ago. still, 64 in washington and 65 at patuxent river and 60 in ocean city and 57 in elkton and 61 in oakland. and mild temperatures and we've had a bit of a southerly and a south west flow and a few shots shifting to the south east and tomorrow we'll see clouds and probably showers. unfortunately, we'll see, respected, that's a lot better than what's out west. they had major snow out west and some of the areas picked up 40 inches of snow in the last three to four days and even across the northern plains, temperatures close to zero and they've had four to five inches of know and blizzards and portions of montana and the dakotas.
4:55 pm
that's headed up northwest and that's not impacts the colder air. some of the colder air won't get here until the rest of the week and we have a weak, cold front and tomorrow afternoon, we'll see a few showers and most of the activity looks like it will pass to the north and and we heave had a lot of clouds to the north and still, a mild day and we'll watch for the next system approaching and unfortunately, for wednesday, cooler and dryer conditions approaching an thursday, another front and we'll see rain here on thanksgiving. sorry about that. west winds on the bay at 15 knots and the bay temperature at 53 around toe, partly cloudy and fog possible. that's above average and tomorrow, another warm day and a lot of clouds and yes, a chance of showers and that's for the afternoon and early evening before it clears out and at least for wednesday. that's the travel day here in the east. it will be dry and cooler.
4:56 pm
>> okay, thank you. and still to come tonight -- the verdict is in for the man on trial for killing chandra levy. >> ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
4:57 pm
4:58 pm
jurors reach a verdict in a high profile murder case. what led up to a murder of a murder and correction officer. >> thanksgiving trouble comes head to head at the airport. i'm weijia jiang at vwi with what you should expect next. check in for more on these
4:59 pm
stories and more breaking news. >> eyewitness at 5:00 starts right now. case closed. a guilty verdict in the shaundra leavy trial. wjz is live, mike hellgren reports on the emotional scene outside the court today. mike. >> >> reporter: kai, this


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